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About Us

Adding value with ingenious business process out sourcing, delivering efficient creative solutions worldwide

Backup Studio is a consistent business outsourcing company delivering remarkable graphics, advertising, digital and marketing production services. Our seamless service delivery and simplified strategies ensure that our clients stay organised and ahead of their competition crafting greater success.

Delivering reckonable business results with a tradition of meeting deadlines

Our state of the art infrastructure, vibrant resources and unmatched skillset and a collective experience of over a decade in the industry, guarantees unparalleled results even on stringent deadlines. Our service portfolio includes Graphic Work, order fulfilment, publishing and more. Our paramount business methods and a dedicated team of specialists have a proven track record in reducing costs, improving cash flow and capital utilisation, increasing revenues, maximising customer satisfaction and enhancing the clients overall competitive position.

The Team…Employees are a company’s greatest asset.

Teamwork can be simply explained in a few words; “None of us is as smart as all of us”: We at Backup studio believe in the power of team work. We have a perfect blend of professionals from advertising, photography and creative graphics converging here at The Backup Studio. Our team has a proven record of providing graphic services and order management solutions to suppliers and distributors in the promotional product industry.

Why Choose Us

We know our work, you can depend on us!

At The Backup Studio, we are focused on being a partner for your artwork conversions as an unceasing and dependable service provider. Our decade long expertise in managing flawless business processes enables us to create tailor made solutions to challenges which are unique to each organization. In a nutshell, The Backup Studio is a unique culmination of spotless Process integration, Top of the line Software, State of the art Infrastructure, succinct Advertising, exceptional Graphic designing, precise Digitizing and Publishing that simply inspires!

We love challenges!

We love challenging projects as we are a team of specialists keen on outperforming ourselves. Our highly skilled and experienced graphic artists and digitizers are capable of managing large volumes at short notice. We believe in working closely with both growing and established Suppliers and Distributors in the promotional product industry.

World class quality at globally competitive prices!

We delight our clients with high end services and world class quality artwork with quick turnaround time, at a remarkably low cost round the year.

It’s a service that never stops working for you!